01 Arrival in Magnimar

The introductory adventure has the PCs arriving in Magnimar, experiencing rampant crime rates, being lead into the seedy underbelly of the city and rather quickly plotting to rob a casino.


  • Le-a and The Cleric of Desna worked together to stop the threat of Black Flang. They succeeded in injuring the dragon and chasing it away.
  • They took the dragon’s horde and were also rewarded handsomely for their services by the Mayor of Sandpoint, making them rather well off.
  • The Party started to investigate the threat from a goblin raid on Sandpoint, eventually agreeing to form a militia to help defend the town after finding the attack plans for a further skirmish.
  • The Cleric of Desna mysteriously vanished one night before the training of the militia was due to begin. All of The Party’s money and valuables were missing, and a simple note was left at the inn that said “sorry”.
  • Due to Le-a’s abrasive nature she was quickly made to feel not welcome and she decided to leave, penniless.

A New Campaign

  • Le-a and Longears met on a caravan heading to Magnimar, on which they volunteered as guards to pay the passage.
  • They earned their keep by fighting off two would-be-highwaymen, Sczarni thugs.
  • Upon reaching Magnimar they quickly fell prey to a common street scam and ended up chasing the small child who stole from them.
  • The child led them to the Bazaar of Sails where The Party recovered their money and in a change of heart, decided to teach the kid how to be a better cutpurse.
  • They angered some young aristocrats who were acting cocky by having the child pickpocket them.
  • The child explained that he lived under the Irespan, in one of the pilings. He explained that he works for Haugen, known as The Childsnatcher. He pickpockets travelers and brings the loot back in exchange for food and lodgings.
  • The child leads them to Underbridge and runs off when they faced opposition from some thugs. The Party cut them down.
  • Haugen sees all this and punishes the child, to set an example. The Party find the child hanging from the pilings, dead.
  • Haugen inquires as to why The Party killed his men and taught his child bad ways. They explain that they want some information as to the whereabouts of Longear’s People.
  • Haugen agrees to help them, in exchange for help with a side project.
  • He introduces Linus Stone who explains that they’re going to rob a casino.
  • The Party and Linus begin planning the heist.
  • The Party and Linus head to the Bazaar of Sails to pick up some supplies, climbing gear notably. Le-a also buys a monkey and names it Giuseppe.
  • They go for a visit to the Arvensoar, from which Le-a is promptly ejected for her abrasive manners.
  • They take up residence in an Inn and make arrangements to resume their planning another day.


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