02 Versaede Party

The PCs head to a manor for the day to hunt game and party hard. Oh and steal a magical construct that will aid in their plot to rob a casino.

Preperations in Magnimar

  • The Party met Linus Stone and “Gruff” in one of the Irespan pilings.
  • Linus explained that they are going to need firepower for their heist, in the form of an Angelic Guardian.
  • They plan to take one from outside of Magnimar to avoid drawing as much attention to themselves. Linus had arranged for Shiela Nirodin to take The Party along to a party at the Versaede Manor for a day of hunting and niceties. Linus explains that Shiela runs a soup kitchen in Underbridge and that’s how he knows her.
  • Once there they will have to disable the Angel and get it ready for Linus and Gruff to come in with a cart and move it. They’ll need to cause a distraction to get everyone away from the front of the house.
  • After shopping for suitable party clothes and coming up with aliases, The Party set off in a wagon to the Versaede Manor, out in the countryside near Magnimar. Along for the ride is Marey Nirodin, Shiela’s daughter. Longears can’t contain his spaghetti.

Versaede Manor and the hunt

  • They arrive at the manor and are introduced to all the guests; the aristocrats of Magnimar mostly.
  • After tea and scones, The Party decides to join in on the hunt. They head into the forest with lots of the guests, including Marey.
  • They first speak to Luma Derexhi on the hunt, who helps when they’re attacked by wolves. Declan Vanderale, the son of Mivonis Vanderale (who runs the merchant guild) is injured in the encounter and has to hobble back to the manor.
  • The leader of the hunting party, Master of Games Jorston “Axetongue” Droaeb, brings them to a clearing where they discover their prey: A unicorn.
  • Marey objects to this inhumane act. As do several other members of the hunting party. The Party are unsure where they stand on the issue and switch sides during the heated debate, which ends when Marey shouts to scare off the unicorn. Marey, Luma and the Proctor left in disgust.
  • The Party sticks with the hunting party and proceeds to track down the Unicorn again. They find both of them in a field. After a skirmish they kill them both. Gradon Scarnetti took one of the unicorn horns, The Party took the other.
  • Graue Versaede, son of Savasha Versaede (the host of the party), was mortally wounded by a unicorn. He is brought back from the brink of death and the hunting party makes a hasty retreat back to the manor where he can be treated properly.

Disabling the Angel

  • The party is still going ahead despite Savasha Versaede’s concern for her son. The guests change into clothing suitable for a ballroom.
  • Lord-Mayor Grobaras turn up unannounced, ready for the festivities. He brings an entourage of 4 guards with him which sets The Party on edge knowing their might be resistance.
  • Using this distraction The Party move to the front of the house. The groundskeeper is milling about so Longears uses his disguise magic to make himself appear to be Savasha Versaede. He instructs the groundskeeper to take a break.
  • Le-a climbs up to reach the Angel and manages to deactivate it by jamming a screwdriver in the cogs that make up it’s internal mechanisms.

Dancing and dueling

  • The ballroom is lively and neither Le-a or Longears are missed. Both turn up and Marey quickly asks to dance with Longears. But Gradon Scarnetti just has to be a dick and decides to antagonise him. Before he knows what he’s saying Longears is defending Marey’s honour and declares his intent to duel Scarnetti, which Scarnetti eagerly pounces on.
  • While preparing for the duel Luma offers to second for Longears.
  • Realising this is the perfect distraction they need to steal the Angel, Le-a hands Longears a potion of invisibility so that he can make his escape.
  • Le-a heads round the front on her own, Linus and Gruff lying in wait see this and head to meet her, towing a cart.
  • Longears and all the guests are assembled outside the back of the manor. The Lord-Mayor is eager to watch a fight and Scarnetti is confident. Longears’ second is nowhere to be seen, and neither is Marey. Longears ends up taking a beating even with Scarnetti toying with him, but he does manage to land a few blows of his own, angering Scarnetti.
  • Marey has run off around the other side of the manor crying, shadowed at a distance by Luma.
  • Le-a climbs up behind the Angel again and this time pushes it off the porch. Linus has parked the cart below it, and Gruff is holding a magic wand that he uses to slow the Angel’s fall and bring it to a rest on the cart.
  • The cart buckles and breaks despite the magic—the Angel is simply too heavy.
  • Marey finds herself facing Le-a, Linus and Gruff in the middle of their theft. Linus pulls a knife and runs to grab her, attempting to cover her mouth, but not before she screams. Luma rounds the corner, sees what’s going on and draws her bow, aiming it at Linus. Le-a draws her bow and aims it at Luma.
  • Longears is losing the duel but it’s interrupted by the sound of Marey’s scream. The guests take off, through the house and around it in the direction of the commotion. Longears uses the distraction to swig his potion of invisibility. Scarnetti turns back around to find him missing and is furious at the deceit.
  • The Lord-Mayor’s guards are now at the front of the house, weapons drawn and pointing threateningly to Le-a, Linus and Gruff. All the guests are on hand. Scarnetti draws a pistol hidden in his cane and points it towards Linus. Linus is holding a knife to Marey’s neck and is acting like a cornered animal.
  • Longears, still invisible, is behind Linus but can’t decide what to do. The invisibility wears off as he stands there, deciding. He and Le-a argue briefly about what they should do. Le-a backs up Linus, saying that they should attempt to leave with her as hostage. Longears just wants to do the right thing.


  • Longears fired first. A magic missile aimed at Linus.
  • Le-a shot Longears, fatally, with an arrow, but too late to stop him from attacking Linus.
  • Scarnetti fired a shot which was later revealed to have hit and killed Marey.
  • Luma shot Le-a with an arrow, but not fatally.
  • The Party was captured by the Lord-Mayor’s guard.

Guest List

Title Name Notes
Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras Lord-Mayor for 6 years
Master of Games Jorston “Axetongue” Droaeb Master at Serpent’s Run. Scottish accent.
Military Commander Vanns Wynmerd Commands a garrison of troops at Fort Indros. Texas accent.
Proctor Jyronn Imikar Friendly Paladin of the Church of Abadar
Matriarch Zimandi Kaddren Old blood in Magnimar. Magic users.
Council Woman Sheila Nirodin On the Council of Ushers. Runs a soup kitchen in Underbridge. Motherly type.
Daughter Marey Nirodin ~19 year old girl. Easily impressionable.
Patriarch Mivonis Vanderale Family controls the Merchant’s Guid. Lots of ships and exporting operations. Friendly mannerisms.
Son Declan Vanderale Was flirting with Marey. Cocky. Injured by wolves.
Nobleman Gradon Scarnetti New blood in Magnimar. Severe and humorless. Muscled his way into most industries and has pushed a lot of the old blood out.
Matriarch Mendio Scarnetti Keen witted, elderly. Real Matriarch of the Scarnetti family but leaves most of the day-to-day down to Gradon.
Matriarch Old Filuvia Midurian Stonemasons. Known gossip.
Son of patriarch Kaleb Valdemar Involved in fishing and logging. Pressure from Scarnettis.
Matriarch Savasha Versaede Host of the party, and many more like it. Widowed. Very prim and proper. Posh accent.
Son Graue Versade Man of the House despite barely being 18, manages a struggling estate because his mother throws lots of parties. Mortally wounded in the hunt, but survived.
Patriarch Randred Derexhi Head of the Derexhi family. Runs security operations for anyone who can pay. His own children basically make up the A-Team.
Urban Druid Luma Derexhi Half-elf who seems to know a lot about The Party.
Pathfinders Sir Canayven Heidmarch, Sheila Heidmarch World class retired travellers and explorers. Run the Pathfinder Lodge in Magnimar.
Others Assorted children of the various families


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