03 Getting back to Magnimar

The party escape their temporary gaol inside Versaede Manor and set off back to Magnimar empty handed. Along the way they strike gold, managing to secure the Angel and gain 2 potential new allies. Perhaps to replace Linus and Gruff, because they get left to rot.

Prison Break

  • Le-a was being held in the basement, ready to be tortured by one of the Lord-Mayor’s guards. Using her cat-like cunning and sassy confrontational manners, she manages to overpower the guard and stick him in the neck with his own knife.
  • Longears was being held/treated for upstairs in a guest bedroom. Luma managed to bring him back from the brink of death. He awoke to find her and the Captain of the Lord-Mayor’s guards standing over him. The Captain then left, explaining that he had to go deal with the other 2 (referring to Linus and Gruff).
  • Luma filled Longears in on what happened. Le-a, Linus and Gruff had all been captured. He wasn’t under as much scrutiny (seeing as he tried to save Marey), but couldn’t be permitted to leave because they intended to question him about his friends and their intentions. Luma avoided questions about Marey and left without breaking the news to Longears. Before going she suggested that Longears should go get Le-a from the basement. She removed the key from the door on her way out.
  • Longears peeked through the keyhole, saw a guard not paying much attention posted outside his door. He used his disguise magic to make himself look like the Lord-Mayor. He left the room, surprising the guard but bluffing his way past the inconsistent logic of the Lord-Mayor being in that room. The guard told him where the prisoners equipment was, which he collected and made his way downstairs.
  • He heard the muffled shout and scuffle of Le-a killing the guard and proceeded down to the basement, where Le-a almost cut him open (again) before he could explain that it was him and not Grobaras.
  • Putting their differences aside for the moment, they retrieved Le-a’s equipment and made to leave the house. On the way out, they hear the guard from upstairs coming. The Lord-Mayor Longears, in his best impression of Grobaras, shouts up that the prisoners have escaped out the back and into the forest. He instructs the guard to gather the men and chase after them.
  • The Party made their way to the stables and Lord-Mayor Longears instructed a young stableboy to saddle up 2 horses for them. As the boy finishes his work the disguise magic on Longears wears off and the boy is faced with a thin elf, rather than a comically round human. He runs off panicked. The Party mounts up, opens the gates without trouble and rides off down the road back to Magnimar.

On the road

  • The Party stopped after putting some distance between themselves and the manor to put all their clothing and equipment on. They used their short break to discuss where they were as a team now. They came to the conclusions that:
    • Le-a didn’t shoot Longears out of malice
    • They should stick together
    • Fuck Linus and Gruff, those guys are jerks and incompetents
    • The casino job would go ahead
    • Le-a demonstrated her dominance and they agreed she would get final say on any important decisions regarding the heist
  • With their differences settled and something resembling a plan laid out, they carried on their journey back to Magnimar, keeping an eye out for pursuers.
  • They spot a large cart ahead on the road. It is quickly ascertained that it’s carrying the Angelic Guardian back to the Golemworks in Magnimar for repair.
  • They talk with the driver and the technician who’s riding in back attempting to diagnose the problem with the golem ([[#02 Versaede Party | a screwdriver jammed in the clockwork]].
  • Eventually they came to an agreement: The Party wouldn’t rob them. Instead the two Golemworks employees would claim that they were robbed, when in fact they gave up the cart and it’s contents freely. In exchange, Le-a promised them each 100,000gp after their plan came to fruition.
  • Le-a tied them up and made arrangements for how they should contact The Party if there were any complications (a dead drop). Finally, the Golemworks employees asked for names. The Party decided aliases would be best. Le-a called herself Mr. Black, Longears Mr. Blue, the driver of the cart Mr. Pink and the other Golemworks employee Mr. Purple.
  • Le-a and Longears left the horses they escaped on behind (the cart was pulled by two different horses) and ate the packed lunches they found in the back of the cart.


  • The Party ride up to Magnimar in their newly acquired cart, the two horses pulling them along.
  • At the gates to the city they find the line moving slowly. The city guard are searching every cart that comes in. As they get closer to the walls they spot Wanted posters with their own name and descriptions on them. They decide to double back and head towards the Ordellia gate.
  • They made it into Ordellia without any trouble, thanks to the fact that the Magnimar city guard don’t patrol there.
  • They found storage for the Angel in a warehouse lockup run by a halfling called Billiver. They haggled on prices and came to an agreement. Privacy included. Party Expenses
  • They found lodgings for the night at The Ordellia Arms, a middle of the road inn run by a friendly dwarf couple with a newborn. Le-a explained the need for secrecy to the landlord, and they came to an agreement on prices. Party Expenses

Catching up

  • Luma visited them at the inn that evening, along with her father Randred Derexhi and her brother Arrus Derexhi. Luma finally explained that Marey had been shot and killed by Scarnetti.
  • She revealed that in the aftermath of the standoff, all of the party guests were witness to Gradon Scarnetti murdering one of their own. He quickly took control of the situation and tried to make everybody believe that Le-a and Longears were to blame. He brazenly lied to everybody there about what they’d just seen, including the mother who was desperately trying to save her daughters life. He was clearly scared. She explained that his political position was too strong for most guests to openly oppose him, especially when he was back up directly by Lord-Mayor Grobaras.
  • She explained that they send word by bird back to Magnimar, that The Party had escaped, along with instructions to have Wanted posters printed and a bounty placed on their heads. The Conspiracy
  • The one ace up their sleeves they still had is that, at least as far as the Derexhi’s knew, nobody knew about the successful theft of the Angel earlier that day.
  • Randred reveals that the Derexhi family intends to wrest power away from the Scarnetti’s and their puppet Grobaras. To that end they will support, and even help when they can, The Party in their quest to rob the Arvensoar casino.
  • They intend to get all their ducks in a row, ready for when the political funding disappears, at which point they will make their move and attempt to install a more democratic leadership… and pick up a few pieces of the protection business left over when The Sczarni no doubt scatter.
  • The final point Luma brings up is that they know when Linus and Gruff will be being transported to face the Justice Court, before being sentenced. She explains that Linus has a record and will probably end up in The Hells for life, if he’s lucky. She gives The Party the prisoner transport route and the number of guards, then leaves.

Dead drop

  • The Party travelled stealthily through Magnimar and up to the top of the Irespan, where they quickly found the designated dead drop location and left a note explaining that they are staying at The Ordellia Arms under the names Mr. Black and Mr. Blue.
  • They were approached by city guard, inquiring as to what they might be doing digging through rubble up there in the evening, but they managed to bluff their way past the guards and head back to Ordellia safely.

Prisoner transport

  • The Party drew up plans and came up with ideas to rescue Linus and Gruff.
  • In the end they decided to let them rot. More money for themselves this way.
  • Pink and Purple turned up to acknowledge they’d received the dead drop. They also explained that they’d been sacked for negligence. Pink is desperate for money to feed his family.


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