04 Sczarni Lair

The Ordellia Arms is burned down by Sczarni Thugs looking for The Party and the stolen Angel. Le-a and Longears track them down, plug the leak and exact revenge.

Burning inn

  • The Party headed into the heart of Magnimar, avoiding city guard patrols actively looking for them, so Le-a could get her damned dirty ape back from the inn she forgot him at.
  • They headed back to Ordellia to find The Ordellia Arms, the inn they’ve been staying at, burning. The landlord and landlady are stood outside looking on in horror. Their baby could be heard bawling inside.
  • Le-a bravely dove through the flames to rescue the baby and return it to her mother. She dropped it once but it seemed to be fine.
  • The landlord thanked them and explained that Sczarni thugs were here looking for them. When the landlord wouldn’t give them anything they set the place ablaze. The landloard still didn’t give them up.
  • Pink turned up at the scene of the commotion to see what was going on. He explained that he’d been in the warehouse lockup trying to figure out how to fix the Angel when he smelled smoke. When asked where Purple was he said that Purple told him the night before that he’d be late in to Ordellia this morning. His excuse was he had to pick up laundry at Washer’s Row.

Washer’s Row

  • The Party followed their only lead and traveled into Magnimar yet again, avoiding patrols that were now knocking on doors asking if anyone had seen the wanted criminals.
  • At Washer’s Row they tried asking about to see if anyone had seen Purple, just based on his description, but they were getting nowhere.
  • Luma turned up and, through her spooky ability to know everything going on in Magnimar, told The Party that Purple had been dragged off into the depths of Rag’s End. She points them towards a known Sczarni Lair, and mentions the head of this particular Sczarni gang is a half-orc called Jaster Fralino who reports directly to Gradon Scarnetti.

Sczarni Lair

  • The Party find the lair, a rotting wooden building, in a maze of alleys where each building seemed to lean on others for support.
  • They gained access to the lair via double doors, graffiti’d with the words “Get Out”, that seemed to lead to a lobby. Inside, the room is mostly bare and stripped of furniture, but there are still pigeon holes lining the far wall where letters for residents would once have been kept. It appears to have been an apartment block at one time.
  • Inside the lobby was a Sczarni Thug, smoking, not paying attention and facing away from the door. Le-a quietly killed him.
  • Proceeding on and up the stairs they interrupted two friendly Sczarni playing a card game. They’re quietly killed by arrows and bolts from The Party. The money they were betting with was pocketed.
  • They continued to explore the lair in this manner until they reached the end of a long dark corridor.
  • Le-a found a trap in one of the side rooms, that would have sprung a box full of unknown powder all over her had she not been able to disable it. Testing the powder with a knife revealed that it caused the knife to rust instantaneously. Rusting Grasp Powder
  • Guarding a set of double doors at the end of the corridor was a lone Sczarni holding a candle. The Party managed to get the jump on him and kill him without too much noise being made.

The half-orc

  • Listening in at the doors they heard two voices. One familiar: Purple. The other loud and gruff. Purple was being interrogated and asked why he had lied to them (The Sczarni) about the name of the inn Le-a and Longears were staying at.
  • The party broke down the door. Inside the room was the hulking half-orc, Jaster Frallino. Purple was facing away from the door, bound to a wooden chair. In front of him was a large fish tank with a huge Swamp Barracuda circling around inside it.
  • Frallino was surprised to see Le-a and Longears, but welcomed them. He offered them the opportunity to turn over the Angel and walk away with their traitorous friend. He even offered to give them the bounty on their heads along with a promise to halt the hunt for them.
  • The Party didn’t like this idea at all. So they decided to challenge Frallino to a game of noughts and crosses. If they won they’d take the bounty and purple and leave. If Frallino won The Party would hand over the Angel. Frallino, a lover of gambling, took them up on their offer. And lost to Le-a’s massive intellect.
  • In a fit of rage Frallino picked up his weapon and started attacking The Party.
  • Le-a bull rushed the half-orc into the fish tank, cracking the glass and releasing the Swamp Barracuda. The Barracuda finished off Frallino, and The Party finished off the Barracuda.
  • They found a key in the bottom of the fish tank, which they used to open a chest in the corner of the room. Inside Le-a found a set of Masterwork Thieves Tools, and a large collection of useful potions.
  • At this point they noticed that a fire had started behind them in the corridor—the candle that the guard was holding earlier had fallen to the floor.
  • With smoke rising around them, they grabbed the 100pp bounty, untied Purple and escaped through the window, out into the alley below. Longears hurt his ankle because he has unlucky die rolls for acrobatic checks every time.

Dealing with Purple

  • The Party retreated out of Rag’s End, which went up in flames quickly as they hobbled away.
  • Instead of trying to head back to Ordellia, they went back to the inn in the Dockways distrct where Le-a had left Giuseppe the Monkey. They shared a room for the night, while Le-a and Longears decided what to do with Purple.
  • Purple gave his side of the story. He explained that a Sczarni thug had approached him after he was kicked out of the Golemworks. The thug offered to get rid of his money problems and in exchange all he had to do was point them to the people who stole the Angel. He wasn’t given another option. When The Party wasn’t to be found at The Ordellia Arms, Purple was captured by more thugs as he was making preparations to leave Magnimar.
  • In the morning The Party decided to release him. They told him to go home and turn up the following day to work on repairing the Angel. They kept the money.

Finding new digs

  • The Party isn’t welcome in Magnimar itself, and their inn in Ordellia had been burned down, so they needed to find somewhere to stay. They asked the landlady of the inn in the Dockways about more permanent lodgings, and she referred them to a halfling in Ordellia called Billiver—the same halfling who rented the warehouse lockup to The Party.
  • They made their way back to Ordellia and came to an agreement with Billiver. They would rent a small (2,000ft²) apartment on a short lease. Party Expenses

With somewhere more permanent to work out of, The Party set to tracking down the next piece of the puzzle: Once they’re in the casino vault, how would they move the vast amounts of money? They think a Bag of Holding might do the trick, so they asked Luma to find out more information about where they might find one. Luma said she’d get back to them.


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