06 The Reichenbach Fall

The Party kills a troll, rescues Luma from Defiant’s Garden and puts an end to the reign of Lord-Mayor Grobaras.

tl;dr version:

  • Went on a side quest to kill a troll and claim the reward
  • Valanni Krinst informed The Party that Luma had been captured by Grobaras
  • The PCs broke into Defiant’s Garden
  • Le-a threw the Lord Mayor over the edge of the Seacleft
  • Longears cast Invisibility on Luma after freeing her
  • Longears and Luma dove from the edge of the Seacleft, using their immovable rods as very uncomfortable parachutes
  • An explosion blew the side off the Arvensoar, killing many of the patrons


Morgan345 Morgan345

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