05 Gearing Up

The Party track down Linus’ stash, briefly interrupted by a little assassination attempt, and recover plans made for the heist that will speed up their own plans.


  • The Party furnished their apartment.
  • They got to grips with crafting potions and poisons.
  • A week passed since they burned down the Sczarni lair.
  • A monk turned up at their door, claiming to have been lead here by his gods. Mostly for metagaming reasons. It was G’nulf, the new PC who may not be here every session.

The Artifact Merchant

  • One of the Derexhi’s men turned up at the door with a message from Luma telling The Party to meet a man at the Ordellia market.
  • They met Sandru Vhiski, quickly shortened to “the pikey”, who runs a trading caravan. He had just pulled in to Magnimar because Luma had sent him a message asking him to show The Party what he can offer.
  • He offered them lots of useful magical items on credit, but Le-a’s keen eyes noticed that the interest rate was set at 1287% APR on the contract.
  • After The Party let slip that this was for the heist, Sandru let on that he’d sold similar items recently to someone else. Linus Stone.
  • They arrange to go look for any items Linus left lying around.

Investigating Linus Stone

They found out Linus used the shadow clock tower by speaking with Sheila Nirodin.


Two assassin’s tried to kill them in the shadow clock. A note found on one of them said “Kill them both -G”. The party let one of them live, in exchange for telling them about the dead drop system the assassins used to receive orders.

The Stash

The PCs found the stash, and got lots of items (which still need to be cataloged. Notably they found 4 metal disc tokens of unknown functionality.

Back in Ordellia

Purple stole a golem manual and had his own adventure.

Luma entrusted the players a magical rod with little explanation. Longears identified it as a rod of rulership.

Longears attended Marey Nirodin’s funeral.


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