Destitution follows Le-a and Longears as they attempt to go from rags to riches by robbing a casino.

The campaign is set in Magnimar and is primarily an urban game with lots of intrigue and politics. The setting is a healthy mix of straight-from-the-book (Magnimar, City of Monuments) and my own imagination. So don’t treat any of the character entries as canon to the Pathfinder settting, because they probably only share a name and artwork.

This is the first campaign I’ve ever run and I’m running it for a very small group—2 players. If anyone happens to read this wiki and has any ideas, suggestions, resources, tips or anything else to say then please drop me a message!

The Party
List of Pages
List of PCs and NPCs
List of Items – Physical components to aid in the heist
Adventure Logs – Blow by blow recounts of previous sessions
Map of Magnimar


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